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Selling a House in Winter

Selling during the holidays can be a challenge but no challenge is too big for us!

The winter months have traditionally been the slowest season for home sales, especially in colder climates like ours. But the dynamics driving the market (more so now than in years past), like a shortage of for-sale inventory to meet buyer demand, means that homes are still likely to attract buyers, even during the holidays.

Some may say that selling during the holidays can be too big of a challenge- but no challenge is too big with the right team beside you. With some helpful strategies, expert tips, and creative marketing, we can find you a buyer for your home anytime of the year!

Benefits of selling a house in the winter

* Motivated buyers: While more buyers tend to shop in the spring and summer months, those shopping in the winter are likely to be more motivated- often moving because of a job relocation, change in financial situation, or change in family needs.

* Less seller competition: With fewer homes on the market in winter, there's less competition from other sellers, and a limited inventory for buyers which typically results in higher offers and less time on the market.

* More time off work: People tend to take time off work during the winter, and three-day weekends like MLK Day and Presidents Day can be popular home shopping days. As a seller, it also means more options for showings and open houses.

* More attention from agents: When agents have fewer listings, sellers receive more of their undivided attention. The same goes for buyers' agents- they have more time to arrange showings and negotiate deals.


There are many ways to boost a wintertime home sale, the most important being to find the right agent. The agents here at PPG Real Estate know what it takes to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

Providing you with a comprehensive, high quality listing service is our TOP priority.

We'll be with you every step of the way!

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