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Living Without Property Management

As you shop for apartments, or rental properties, you might notice that some communities are managed through a property management company (Like Us here at Indiana Property), while some are just rented through landlords or (even worse) companies that don't care about their tenants. So, why go with Indiana Property?

In honor of October, we've come up with some 'frights of living without property management', to help you make an informed decision about your rental!

1) Avoid Freezing Your Bones Off!

It's December. The air is bitter cold and your heater breaks. You call your landlord who assures you they will come fix it as soon as they leave the holiday party.

In the meantime, your toes have turned blue, you've piled every blanket you own on top of you, and are "freezing your bones off".

With Indiana Property, we have designated maintenance crews whose entire jobs revolve around fixing your emergency situation in a timely manner. We know that 'No Heat' is 'No Good' and we will make turning yours back on our top priority!

2) Don't Get Ghosted by Landlords!

In modern slang, 'ghosting' refers to the concept of heavily texting/communicating with someone when all of a sudden they disappear! Yikes.

As terrible as this is when it happens to someone you're dating, it's even scarier if it happens with your landlord! Maybe there's a leak in your roof or you've found some pesky pests in your trash: whatever it is, you want your landlord to return your calls.

Property Management Companies, like Indiana Property, have an office you can visit as well as an office number where you can physically talk to us. No ghosting Here!

3) Do Not Get Wrapped Up in False Promises!

We know, some independent landlords promise you A LOT! They promise a fast and easy mode of communication, cheap rates, and a laidback attitude. Sounds great, right? Well . . . .

The truth is that property management companies, like Indiana Property, are better suited to handle communication with their residents. We can offer you online bill pay, maintenance requests submitted through our portal, and online applications, among other services.

4) Frankly, my dear renters, Find Someone who Gives a Flip About You!

As a resident of any rental property, you deserve the best! All treats, no tricks. Finding the right management company gives you more of a reason to celebrate October's spookiness, rather than fear it.

If you're interested in find out more about our company and/or want to see our availability, contact us today!

We'd love to hear from you.

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