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The Golden Season to Sell your Home

Timing is everything. And that couldn't be more true when it comes to fall real estate. Property markets fluctuate according to a variety of reasons, but the time of the year is among the most regular and predictable factors impacting your chances of making a sale.

Here are four compelling reasons to sell your home this fall:

1. Spring typically steals the show when it comes to the property market, but with so many people selling it can be difficult to make your own property stand out. Autumn is typically a quieter season for the market, meaning you'll have less competition. Give your fall real estate an edge over what competition is out there by using fall decor, for example.

2. With most people back at work after summer vacations and therefore relatively time-poor by autumn, you can bet that those who are shopping at this time of year will be dedicated buyers. Chances are that those who come to view your home are in the middle of a serious house search, making an offer all the more likely.

3. Anyone who knows anything about buying and selling will tell you that it's important to have your property looking its best when you go to market. The colors of the leaves on the trees will be turning gorgeous coppery-gold, and fiery reds throughout autumn. This will make for a spectacular backdrop for your fall real estate.

4. The benefits of selling your home in the fall don't just relate to the ease of making a sale. There are also some considerable practical benefits to be seen in the fall market. One such advantage is that there's plenty of time for the sales process to complete in time for the upcoming holidays.

Determining which time of year to list your property is just the beginning of preparing for a sale. The Realtors® at PPG Real Estate can help you with everything, from smart staging decisions to the practicalities of making a fast sale.

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